Siu Wei (1521-15930: Bambou, Freer gallery of Art
Siu Wei (1521-15930: Bambou, Freer gallery of Art

Jérome Edou
Les Montées, 26110 Mirabel aux Baronnies

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These websites <> and <> are managed by Jérome Edou.
You can send me articles, news, expositions, copies of paintings, and any other events related to monochrome Chan or Sumi-e painting which I would publish. You could also leave a commentary and suggestions beside.

Jérome Edou

Born in Paris, Jérome studied intensively, practised and translated Tibetan Buddhism. He authored a few books on Tibet, Nepal and Buddhism. Living in Nepal since 30 years he runs Base Camp Trek, a well-known travel company.
For more than 15 years, he has been practising Chan painting and graduated from the International Academy of Ink Painting (France, China, Japan) in 2018. He has recently exposed his work in Kathmandu where he teaches Chan painting.
His aim today is to perpetuate Chan mind and spiritual painting in line with the eccentric amatory Chan painters of yore, Wang Wei and Shi Tao, Zhu Da or Qi Baishi.

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